The Sea Fox
Light at Hole in the Wall
Rays of Peace
Meldrum Light
Offshore Sunrise
Sarasota Dolphins
Manatees in Blue Springs






For 4 ½ years we lived aboard the SEA FOX and traveled the Great Loop route around the Eastern US and the Great Lakes (i.e. from St. Louis to Mobile, to Key West, to the Bahamas, to the Chesapeake, to New York, to the Great Lakes, Chicago and back to St. Louis). What an adventure! What sights! Hence, the Aye for our nautical journey, and Eye for the click of the camera. We covered 10-12,000 miles, ate well, met a ton of new friends, and looked forward, with anticipation, to each destination. Learning that the journey was far more important than the destination caused us to pay attention and savor each moment – and to take as many photos as we did. Enclosed is a sample of the 4,000 plus shots we took, both on the SEA FOX and on land.

Our current adventure finds us in Western North Carolina. Milt grew up here and, after being gone for decades, is enthralled by what he sees,
so the camera continues to record….
Thanks for looking!
Hope you see an ah-ha moment and hang it on your wall.


These images are professionally printed on museum quality, archival linen canvas.  This is NOT a drug store/big box store print.  This is how the best photographers in the world finish extraordinary shots.  This process creates a memory for the home rather than a photo album.
Personal attention results in superb quality.  And, at a very reasonable price.  We use the best fine art photography printer in the world matched with twelve color archival pigment ink.
What do we hope your reaction will be?  "Holy Cow"!!




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